Scarves to wear to the office

by Gabriela Sacconi on November 23, 2020  in Meeting outfitOutfit for workPrintsSilk scarfVolumeWorkwear


We currently live in a world where going to work means something different for each one of us. Sometimes it can overlap with staying at home and only interacting with others digitally. 
Scarves are the perfect accessory for in-person work, but also they serve as the perfect excuse to dress up from the waist up for all your virtual meetings and hangouts.
Try these beautiful wrapping ideas to give a touch of elegance to your everyday meetings. The volume will highlight even more all the beauty within the print.
Have you tried combining scarves and silk pieces with your jewelry? This is the ultimate styling hack that will allow for layering and combining two of your favorite accessories. Get creative with this one by mixing different colors with metals, beads, and textures!
For those who prefer the office as the workplace or those whose office is always on the move, we suggest giving your most necessary accessory, your purse, a personal touch of its own. That way, you will always look unique and will be reminded of the personal touch you give to everything you do.