Scarves to wear at home

by Gabriela Sacconi on November 23, 2020
One of the best qualities of silk is that, no matter how or where you wear it, you will always have that luxury feeling when you wear a 100% silk piece. 
Our homes are our sacred space, and we deserve to feel that luxury even when we are staying in. There are countless ways to wear our scarves to lounge around your bedroom or to spend the mornings in the kitchen or living room. 
How about trying out giving your casual hairstyle a touch of color? 
You can play around with a few different ways to style a ponytail, braiding it with a scarf, or wrapping a casual hair bun with a layer of colorful silk. 

For those who use the home space also as a place for their favorite activities, such as cooking, painting, writing… we suggest a simple, yet beautiful way to style your scarves at home. By wrapping or tying them around your head you will not only look and feel stylish. This way of wearing it also provides the necessary comfort when you need to be concentrating on those activities that you most enjoy doing while in the house.
Your home should be the ideal place to experiment and try out new creative ways to wear your scarves.
What makes you feel like the best version of yourself?