Scarves to wear at the beach

by Gabriela Sacconi on November 23, 2020
Scarfs are the perfect accessory to take to your next trip. Unique, versatile, and easy to pack. With one small, luxurious piece you'll be able to take your beachwear looks to another lever of sophistication.
Our large scarves can be worn as beach tops. With a few easy knots and twists you will get a few options to combine with your swimwear bottoms or your favorite beach coverups. 
Transform one of our largest scarf into an evening out outfit. Combine it with a easeful skirt and a belt for the perfect, stylish look for a dinner by the beach.  
Did you know that our “Pareos“ can also be styled in more than one way? just as our scarves, these versatile pieces can be worn and styled in a number of ways, making it the perfect accessory to pack in your suitcase. It will be the piece that takes the least space in your luggage, but the one you'll wear the most. 
How about a few ideas to stay comfortable (and stylish) when the hottest days hit... You can style your most colorful scarves with a pair of sunglasses, add to your favorite summer hat, or simply get creative with knotting ideas.
Whichever your summer style is, there will be always a creative use for the most versatile piece in your suitcase.