Scarves to wear for going out

by Gabriela Sacconi on November 23, 2020
Have you ever had that feeling of not having anything to wear for going out? 
With a few twists and knots you can create the perfect going out top, reinvent your usual going out outfit, or give your accessories a unique touch that everyone will ask you about. 
The size of our larger scarves are wonderful for trying a wide range of knots and ties, but also, they can be totally transformed into a whole new wearable piece: a halter top!
It might look harder than it really is, but all that it takes to transform a square into a halter top are a few twists and two knots. 
Now you have a silk top that everyone will be asking about! 
Have you met our larger size Twillys? The Maxi twilly will become your favorite accessory. Besides from being wonderful to tie around your neck, it can function as a belt or a purse strap. 
Combine the colors of your favorite purse and get creative with knots to tie around the handles. 
Tie it around as a belt in any way that you prefer. Get creative! You might also try to give it an extra twist with a knot, bow, or twist.
No matter how you decide to style your going out outfits, our scarves will always be your best ally to take your look from “good“ to “unforgettable“.