1. How to wash

The best way to keep your beautiful silk scarves for a long time is to dry clean them. However, you can wash them by hand in cool water with mild detergent special for natural fabrics. Do not use regular bath or laundry soap or clean them in the washer. 


2. How to Dry 

Allow the scarf to dry as soon as possible by placing it carefully in a dry towel. Silk should always be air dried, and never placed in an automatic dryer. 
Don’t hang your scarves under the sun to dry, as this might cause the colors to fade. Using an electric fan might help to prevent watermarks and retain the luxurious glossy finish of silk satin. 

3. How to Iron

As long as you don’t use very high temperatures, you can directly iron your silk scarves. If you want to be extra careful, you can place a piece of clean cloth in between the silk and the iron. 

4. How to Avoid Damages

Try to avoid direct contact between your scarf and any make-up, lotions, or perfumes. Avoid letting your scarf get hooked on any sharp objects as it might snag threads in the fabric. 


5. How to Store

Try to store your scarves as flat as possible. Silk is an extremely receptive material and it will keep folds and wrinkles if it’s not kept flat. And remember always remember the best way to preserve your scarf is to give it lots of love.